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molosser group and my webseite

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 24, 2010, 10:40 AM

........................................... Venetian Mask II by schnuffibossi1

this is my website but always under construction :)

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My group #molossergroup :new:

                                                         Molosser Group ID by schnuffibossi1

My group #Bridge-FanClub                                                
                                                         Bridge-FanClub by schnuffibossi1

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I feature my friend Dieter Poindl

     Poindl Dieter - Begierde by DieterThomasPoindl             Poindl Dieter - just a dream by DieterThomasPoindl

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(this great stamp is made by frakkr)

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my latest video:…
Isaac fell asleep and sunk into his dream world. Floating silently through the darkness.  Suddenly he spied a diffuse light in the distance and wondered how far away it might be. He thought that he saw the outlines of a city appear below him but he continued to glide on and on through space. Time stood still .  He felt himself slowly descending towards lights and shapes that seemed somehow familiar to him.  Strange surreal figures. He couldn't believe his eyes.  Was he seeing a Jack in the Box? The Joker? A Red Dog?  

The Jack in the Box reminded him of a card game he had seen before.  Wasn't it called Blackjack?  Isn't Red Dog also a game that is played in casinos, he thought to himself?  Maybe the Joker wasn't what he appeared to be either..Isn't he someone who always holds the highest hand ?

The light below him continued to get brighter and brighter and Isaac began to wake up.  The rising sun shone into his eyes and as he opened them he wondered if everything had really only been a dream. He went through the motions of his normal workday routine. The morning traffic jam, the office stress and the tedious afternoon commute back home

On his way home Isaac suddenly had an idea. . He could make a little pit stop at the next casino!